504 Magazine has voted “Spaces” in the top 5 CD’s of the year by Sicily’s new age jazz guitarist Francesco Cataldo.

By on December 25, 2015

By: Kerry Campbell

This is not your typical run-of-the-mill Recording where you can just put it on and start grooving to it and easily anticipate what the bridge is going to be and then come back to the melody no it’s not that kind of a record. It is very refreshing to have a record release where you really want to sit down and concentrate and take in the full richness of sound and colors that they’re painting and you want to try to delve deeper into it to try to find out what the artist was thinking or feeling when they conceived this. As stated before it is a Recording where the bridge and the hook is not easily anticipated and that much I really did appreciate it caused me to slow down and dig deeper within the songs and within myself to find the emotions that they were evoking.
What impressed me most about the melodic delivery was how the saxophone and the guitar player melded into one being it wasn’t to individual musicians playing they became one entity and one instrument. It’s obvious that they had to have known each other for quite some time in order to achieve such unity. I will go as far as saying it wasn’t just the engineer’s touch that brought them close together but it was recorded that way they have a connection together that is very uncommon and very good.

I think the title of this project is appropriate simply because you find that the artist are playing within the spaces of the drums and the other rhythm section instruments. And as Miles Davis stated they’re making good use of space rather than fill all the spaces with notes they allow it to be filled with nothing but space and let that space dictate its own style space itself has a Sound. These guys are well on the road to using space to their advantage. Overall I don’t think you can go wrong purchasing this product and when you get the opportunity go see them I think it would be an interesting and very good experience for you because live they will be able to delve into the spaces of their soul and music on a much greater far larger degree.

My name is Kerry Campbell I am the minister of music the gatekeeper of jazz and the protector of the high note, and I approve and endorse this project titled spaces.

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