504 Magazine Special Edition “Nola For Life Issue” ( IT’S HERE NOW)

504 Magazine Special Edition “Nola For Life Issue”  ( IT’S HERE NOW)

504 Magazine 2014 Special Edition on NOLA For Life and Mayor Mitch Landrieu
New Orleans, Louisiana ~ 504 Magazine launches its initial publication of 2014 embracing the theme of “Peace in the Streets” with a special edition release on the success of the city of New Orleans’ community empowerment program, NOLA For Life.
504 Magazine presents a special edition release providing an in depth look into the leadership efforts of city officials, corporate executives, educators, and youth who have united to work toward “Peace in the Streets” as a comprehensive crime prevention strategy. This special edition issue brings in focus the 23% reduction in the crime rate in New Orleans as well as a glimpse into the daily grind of the leaders behind comprehensive programs that include the founder of NOLA For Life, Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans.
“NOLA For Life is Mayor Landrieu’s crime prevention blueprint that is proving it to be successful in New Orleans and it systematically can be implemented nationally to reduce crime. As Publisher of 504 magazine, we want to congratulate Mayor Landrieu, Henry Coaxum, Dr. Steve Price, and all of the music educators, business and community leaders, who are committed to giving the “at risk” youth of New Orleans the opportunity to “Flip the Script” on Crime through NOLA For Life and other similar programs.”, says Dr. Williams Jones, Publisher of 504 Magazine.
504 Magazine is the parent publication of 504 Multimedia, a full service multimedia advertising agency that specializes in television, film, radio, print and social media production and also specializes in branding new products. 504 Magazine provides in depth coverage behind the surface covering the latest news in the city of New Orleans with community leaders in focus as well as Jazz and Blues with its headquarters based in the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans, and beyond. 504 Magazine promotes the city of New Orleans as an exciting city for tourism504 Magazine Nola For Life Issue