Natalie Cole Told Nayo’s Father She would be A Star One Day

Natalie Cole Told Nayo’s Father She would be A Star One Day

By: William Doc Jones
Publisher of 504 Magazine
Nayo Jones Father

Very few people know my back story of Natalie Cole who was a friend. It Started back in the early 60’s my 1st Cousin Edward Winston a keyboard played for Pastor Yancey who had a young son name Marvin, at the age of 5 years old my cousin begin teaching him to play key board at his father church where my cousin played.

Fast forward to the late 70’s Marvin Yancey began writing and producing a young Natalie Cole who was just getting started out (Like my daughter is now) Inseparable her 1st debut studio album in 1975. The key board played was late and Marvin called my cousin that was almost on that hit CD.

Fast forward to the 80’s after that Album Inseparable on Capitol Records was a big hit. My God brother Robert Campbell just so happen was dating Natalie older sister Carol at that time who was a movie star in her own right became best friend with Natalie, when she moved to New York where he was staying. She liked him so much she named her first born child after him Robert.

Fast forward to the 90’s he took me to Natalie’s house and introduce us and from that day forward every time she would come to play Phoenix or Vegas she would always make sure I had backstage passes.

Fast forward to the mid 2000’s by that time Nayo was just getting started and I let Natalie hear some of Nayo’s music and she told me I should be proud of her because she had real talent, it reminded her of when her father was teaching her. At her very last show in Phoenix I had a chance to introduce Nayo to Natalie, and the rest is history. RIP Natalie I know you be proud of Nayo’s growth and you would say to me I told you so!

Pictures are with Natalie and her 1st husband Marvin,her son Robert, and Nayo Jones and Nayo with Natalie’s son