Official 4th Annual International Jazz Day AZ

Official 4th Annual International Jazz Day AZ

Dear International Jazz Day Phx. & NextStudemy Academy Supporters ,

We are rapidly approaching Phoenix’ 4th Annual International Jazz Day 2015, proclaimed by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2011. The first Celebration took place in Paris France coordinating with the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans, Louisiana. UNESCO resolved that April 30th of each year would be a day to celebrate the United State’s natural heritage, Jazz Music as a way to align ourselves with other Nations around the world. It’s a music that signs freedom. It’s a music that brings people together… that promotes individuality, authenticity, and community all at the same time. Jazz has the power to transform. Jazz has the power to solve conflict. Jazz has the power to create opportunities.”

504Multimedia and 602Magazine are excited about the future of Jazz in the United States and about preserving and cultivating young musicians to continue this world honored legacy of our music. 504Multimedia and 602Magazine through its teaching and educational arm, NextStudent Academy for the Arts, Inc. supports schools throughout the country, while encouraging them to offer the art of music education to their students. NextStudent Academy (NSAA) focuses on January 30, 2015
Sharing the art of creativity through Jazz music.

Here at NSAA, we have experienced extraordinary gains through music education that has positively impacted area schools’ and their students’ academic performance. Our students consistently meet state performance requirements and out perform their Kindergarten through 8 grade counterparts at District levels. Your support is needed for this monumental task.

On Thursday, April 30, 2015, 504Multimedia and 602Magazine will host its fourth annual International Jazz Day Celebration in downtown Phoenix, Arizona at CityScape. The Afternoon performance of live Jazz will begin at 4PM , ending at 9 PM.

Your sponsorship at the corporate or individual level will help NextStudent Academy raise much needed funds not only for the April 30th event, but for future work necessary to keep Jazz alive in the United States. Details about sponsorship opportunities and incentives are enclosed. Donations can be mailed to or deposited into the following accounts at any Wells Fargo Bank, NA: Enterprise Customer Account No.: 100410179 or send your donation to The Arizona Community Foundation, Inc., which has been inexistence since 1985 and is a Federally Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) – EIN 86-0348306. Donations sent to The Arizona Community Foundation, should be directed to the account of NextStudent Academy for the Arts, Inc.

For Performance and Outstanding Achievement donation levels, coupled with mentions on advertisement banners, flyers, Social Media Postings, advertising the event, please email logos to not later than March 8, 2015. Thank you in advance for your generosity and commitment to Jazz, our National Heritage and to future students of Jazz and their bright futures.

DR. William Doc Jones