By on July 30, 2017

Int’l Jazz Day AZ Foundation Appointed New Director
Of International Affairs

Under new Programs and Development Director Tina Sweis, International Jazz Day AZ Foundation, the goal will be to bring the eyes of the world on the State of Arizona. Under the auspices of UNESCO, which created International Jazz Day in celebration of the art form of Jazz music.
The mission of the Director of Programs and Development is to support the achievements of Founder and Executive Director, William Doc Jones’ policy, goals and objectives to, advance the organization’s interest of “Connecting Cultures utilizing the music genres of Jazz & Blues. These endeavors will serve to enhance these arts by influencing other countries to combine their native music with this American art form known as Jazz.
By doing this while expanding and strengthening the relationship between different people and local government here in the US and citizens of the rest of the world. Mrs. Sweis will lead IJDAZF’s public diplomacy outreach, which includes in contact with various Embassies to underwrite noted Artists to join us in Arizona for the 7th Annual Arizona International Jazz Day Festival during the 4th weekend of April 2018. As Programs and Development Director, Tina will oversee the IJDAZF’s newly formed in-house Bureaus of Educational and Cultural Affairs. She will also oversee Public Affairs, and International Information Programs (to include a Global Engagement Center, and those who participate in the International Jazz Day AZ Foundation development.)

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