Artist Richard Booker has Created Original Art Work for The 7th Annual Arizona International Jazz Day 2018 Festival Poster

Artist Richard Booker has Created Original Art Work for The 7th Annual Arizona International Jazz Day 2018 Festival Poster

International Jazz Day AZ Foundation Executive Host Committee has chosen Richard Booker to be the official artist for the 7th Annual International Jazz Day Festival in Arizona.

Richard Booker has been painting for over 30 years. He has painted International icons such as Grammy nominated Jazz Artist Jonathan Butler and renown Civil Rights Icon Coretta Scott King. Mr. Booker has agreed to lend his, sometimes impressionist, style of painting to the International Jazz Day AZ Foundation (IJDAF) Scholarship Program. Mr. Booker has generously donated an original piece that speaks to the heart of IJDAF’s mission. The original piece will be auctioned and open additions will be available for-sale at a benefit event in early 2018. The funds raised will coincide with the Seventh Annual Arizona International Jazz Day AZ Festival 2018.

International Jazz Day was founded in 2011 by UNESCO/Herbie Hancock and the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz in New York. UNESCO, (an entity of the United Nations) declared that Jazz is the United States’ gift to the world. Jazz has the power to unite people and it contributes to peace internationally. The 2018 Jazz Day Celebrations will kick off on April 7 at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts followed by the 2nd Annual Jazz at Lunchtime event at the State Capitol on April 18th and April 28th in Surprise AZ. The celebrations will end on April 29th at the Mesa Art Center.

IJDAZ is delighted to have an artist of Mr. Booker’s caliber on board with IJDAZF. Mr. Booker is excited to share his gift with jazz enthusiasts he stated, “Giving back to the arts is my passion. Art rescued me as a child and allowed me to express by passion for life. I am truly honored to be a part of IJDAZF and Doc Jones’ legacy.”

Richard’s painting, “Jazz Oasis,” features bright bold explosive colors that any Art and/or Jazz lover would be happy to own. This Impressionism piece features a saxophonist, colorful plumes, cactus, and a spectacular Arizona sunset. Mr. Booker told IJDAZF’s Director/Founder that he listens to jazz while creating his art pieces. Jazz sets the atmosphere for him to be creative. In the Jazz Oasis piece, we feel he truly captured the jazz vibe. Listening to Jazz stimulates your senses and allows creativity to flow thus creating beauty for the eyes and ears.