The Road to International Jazz Day Arizona,In Soweto South Africa 2020

By on November 12, 2019

The Road to International Jazz Day Arizona,South African Connection

Two young, but seasoned musicians, Lucky Thobela and Moabi Kotu came together to create a Jazz Festival to celebrate the 9th Annual International Jazz Day in Soweto South Africa on April 30th 2020, to raise money to support the next generation of Jazz musicians and create an after school music program in Soweto in Moabi’s name.
The lack of opportunities for up and coming musicians need to be increased and made more available. Soweto needs more music programs and funding to support those music programs already in place, such as, Sawubona Music Jam.
We need to support Lucky and Moabi’s mission to develop this Arizona South African Connection to achieve their goals. Both Lucky and Moabi have sought the support of two veteran Community Leaders and organizers ( Mtutuzeli Matshoba & Dr. William Doc Jones) to join their plan to create a International Jazz Day AZ Soweto Festival to develop this new exciting Arizona South African Connection.–Under the direction of these two prominent veteran promoters as well as that of many other well-known musicians. Through the formulation of the Arizona South African Connection, their plan is to develop and spearhead their project on a local and International level. They’re staging the International Jazz Day AZ Festival, at the home of the Sawubona Music Jam in Soweto on Thursday April 30th 2020.
“The project started out being nothing more than a concert in Phoenix Arizona to pay tribute to the day Nelson Mandela was release from prison ( Feb 11th), and honoring the noted Mother and Father of South African Jazz musicians, Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela alongside the release of Moabi’s newest CD titled “BOATS,” stated local promoter Doc Jones, when he and partner Moabi Kotu first began talking about this endeavor. “We planned to use all proceeds over and above those used to pay expenses for the Festival, to establish an after school music program back in Soweto. Once we put our plans in motion to accomplish our initially organized goals, it quickly became evident this would be more than just a concert in Arizona.
Everything changed to an elevated gear, when it was announced that UNESCO and Herbie Hancock 9th Global International Jazz Day concert would be held in Cape Town South Africa in 2020. With that in mind, it came to us; we needed to produce an International Jazz Day AZ Festival in Soweto, Moabi’s birthplace, where he still has many musician friends, family ties and contacts. Upon Moabi calling on his friend Lucky Thobela, Founder of the Sawubona Music Jam, their plans made a Segway, naming the project, “The Road to International Jazz Day Arizona, South African Connection Soweto. The project has taken on a life of it’s own and is scheduled to take place on 30th April 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzae-Ehwjoc

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